EILEEN ABE, Animal Communicator

An introduction to Animal Communication...


I am a 31-year career corporate executive who regularly worked a 15 hour day, every day, for years at FCH Enterprises also known as Zippy’s Restaurants, as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  I had the opportunity to retire early at age 52 in 2002 and took advantage of this blessing to enter into a new and exciting second career in energy work for humans and animals.




I learned energetic healing modalities for humans and canines and hold completion certificates from:


  • The Colorado Center for Healing Touch, Inc. (Level I & II)
  • Reiki (Usui System of Natural Healing)
  • Level 1 Integrated Quantum Medicine
  • Animal Healing Touch
  • Animal Gift of Spirit


Using the knowledge from these workshops, I completed 100 sessions on family, friends and volunteers to gain competence in energy work.  This is my 15th year as an energy work practitioner, working on humans and animals.  Healing Touch and Reiki are non-invasive relaxation and energy balancing techniques that supports and assists the individual in self-healing.  The healing energy does not come from us, but rather, through us.  The work can be done hands on, hands off or remotely.



​The energy work led to a desire to know more about how to help animals, especially family pets and I came across the intuitive art of animal communication.  I learned from:


  • Bill Northern, a douser, who introduced me to animal communication in a weekend workshop in Waimanalo in February 2014.
  • The next leg of the journey found me in Acton California at Wolf Connection, a sanctuary for wolf dog hybrids, where best-selling author, speaker, visionary and luminary Lori Spagna, presented a workshop on animal communication in September 2014.  This workshop included a unique opportunity to hike with the wolf pack.  This work so inspired me that with permission of Wolf Connection, I maintain an energetic connection with the pack, with special attention to their beautiful and wise alpha, Maya, as well as the senior members of the pack.
  • In January 2015, I completed a weekend workshop with Carol Gurney in Waialua, learning her heart centered technique for connecting with animals.


What might be some scenarios when animal communication could be used?


HEALTH: A number of our clients have pets that are undergoing health challenges.  Primarily, they want to know if their pets are in pain and if so, what can they do to help them.  I am not a medical professional, so I do not diagnose ailments, prescribe remedies, or provide a prognosis.  I can do a body scan to see where energy is not in balance, both for the external body and the internal organs.  If the pet is willing, they will also let me know where they are feeling pain or discomfort and on a scale of 1 to 10, the level of pain or discomfort.  If desired, I can then send healing energy in person or remotely and let the pet know that they can choose to use the energy or not, for their best and highest good.


END OF LIFE: When the vet has diagnosed that the pet is reaching the end of their life, their humans want to know what they can do for them.  I am not a psychic so I cannot predict when the pet will transition, but I can ask the pet if they are ready to transition and if so, are they able to do it on their own or would like the assistance of a vet.  And, any other question to help in the transitioning process.  I have also contacted animals who have transitioned, to let their humans know that they are doing okay and if they have any messages for them.


UNWANTED BEHAVIOR:  A common situation for humans wanting to communicate with animals is because of unwanted behavior by their pets.  I am not a trainer or behaviorist, and the purpose of animal communication is to find out what’s going on an animal, to try and understand from their point of view.  Their human may want the behavior to be corrected, but the pet has the option to comply or not comply.  The communication in and by itself does not necessarily achieve a change in behavior.   However, if the humans work with their pets, often, improvements can be seen.


GENERAL WELL BEING:  Many times, humans have basic questions about their pets - are they happy, is there anything more I can do for them, or do they have any messages for me?  I can ask questions and get responses from the pets and convey them to their humans.


LOST ANIMALS: In this situation, the main question is, can you help me find my pet?  I am able to follow the energy signal on a map, as long as the animal is on the ground.  If it is picked up and placed into a vehicle and driven away, the energetic signal could get lost.  However, the team often collaborates on lost animal searches, so we use all of the information we get.  First, we ask if the pet wants to return to their humans and if they want to communicate with us.  If they say “no”, we honor that.  If they say yes, in addition to tracking energy on a map, we can see what the animal might be seeing, or sense if the animal is afraid or feeling safe.  We can connect with the animal and ask if they are with humans, other animals or all alone, if they are safe and if they know where they are and how to get home.  And, we also send energy for protection to keep the animal safe.  To date, we have helped a cat to find its way home, and we have been a part of 3 successful recoveries of pets.


When working with a pet, we often find that the animal is affected by what’s happening with their humans.  As a result, in some situations, we may work with the human as well as with the pet.


Communicating with animals is absolutely possible and incredibly beneficial and that’s why I chose to study, practice and offer it to you. I don’t consider myself to be a psychics and I don’t do “readings”. Instead, it is my honor and responsibility to translate information that our animals choose to share with us.  I invite anyone who might be interested, to contact me to learn more about setting up an appointment.



The process for requesting services begins with filling out a registration form and returning it to me with a photo of the pet’s face (with a clear view of the pet’s eyes).  I will ask if the pet is willing to communicate with me, and then set an appointment.  Fees are established as a fair energy exchange; for clients who genuinely need the assistance but are unable to pay in full, please let me know at the time of contact and we will come to a mutually agreeable fee or plan.  Payments are made once the service is completed – in person or via credit card on Pay Pal (you will be invoiced).  You may email me at eileen@animalcommunicatorshawaii.com or call (808) 551-7271 and leave a message..



Animal communication session for pet ($50 for the first hour and $1/minute thereafter)


  • In person or remote connection with pet

▪    To answer questions that the client asks

▪    To convey responses from pet to client

▪    Does not involve resolving undesirable behavior or problem solving

  • One additional round (questions and answers) at no added cost.  Thereafter, questions will be charged as a new session.
  • For a written summary of the session emailed to client or for an audio file taped and digital file on DVD mailed to the client, add $25
  • Please add $25 for traveling fee to locations outside of the “Honolulu” zip code
  • When scheduled with an energy work session, take $20 off (energy session and animal communication session for $80)


Lost pet search (No charge ~ donations may be made to the non-profit organizations listed on our Donations section of our Links Page)


  • Remote single session search on map, no guarantee on locating the missing pet.
  • Best for client to be available to receive the information by text or phone call after the energetic search and do a physical search in the area recommended.
  • Best if search for missing pet takes place within 24 hours of when the pet goes missing.


Pet blessing ($25)


  • Remote or in person individual blessing for pet ~ it can be for a specific reason or general well being.
  • Add $25 for traveling fee if the venue to meet is other than “Honolulu” for zip code



Pet memorial service ($150)


  • One meeting with the family to customize service over pet’s ashes, on location service for pet
  • Add $25 for traveling fee if the venue to meet is other than “Honolulu” for zip code



Healing Touch Workshop (to work on family and friends only ~ minimum 2 persons to schedule a class) ($100 per person)


  • Non-certification class
  • When registering together, per person price is discounted to $80 per person
  • Add $20 for an additional hour to learn canine healing touch





  • Clients who wish to establish a relationship beyond the first session, may place up to $100 on account and utilize it for times when you have a few questions or concerns to ask, or when a short energy session is requested.



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