Are you communicating with your animals?


They are always talking to you and telling you how much they love you, what they want to do, and sometimes warning you and protecting you.


They have free will, just like humans.


They have feelings, just like us humans.


They have opinions, just like us humans.


They just use a different language from us.


I will interpret what your animals are saying in a heart-to-heart manner.




I am not a Psychic or a Medium.


I graduated from a college in Japan and in Kansas where I studied Aviation.


After graduation, I worked in the sales and promotion department for one of the largest telecommunication companies in Japan for 16 years. After a 16 year career, I moved to Hawaii in December 2013 to start the second stage of my life.


Fortunately, in Hawaii, I had enough time to reflect and asked myself what I wanted to do with the second stage of my life.


I received 2 answers: “Animals” and “To make people (and the living creation on this earth) happy.”


Since I was 3 years old, I have lived with many animals including dogs, cats, birds, turtles and fish, etc.


Animals have always been with me and they always make me smile and warm my heart. They were always part of my family.


Also, I love to see people (and the living creation) smiling and happy. I believe that we can spread happiness to other people (and the every living creation) whom we meet in life and I would like to do my part in expanding this ‘happy circle’.


After one year in Hawaii, I attended a workshop for “Animal Communication” and knew that this is what I want to pursue in my life.




  • Carol Gurney’s Introductory & Advanced Animal Communication Work Shop
  • Graduation of The International Institute of Animal Communication’s Professional
  • Animal Communicator Course (Module 5)
  • Animal Communication Practitioner of The International Institute of Animal Communication
  • Carol Gurney’s Past Lives with Animals Workshop, Rescue and Ailing Animals
  • Workshop & Becoming Professional Animal Communicator Workshop
  • Carol Gurney’s Animals as Our Mirrors Workshop, Death and Dying Workshop & Lost animal Workshop
  • Carol Gurney’s Body Balancing Workshop
  • Japan Animal Communication Research Association’s Animal Communicator
  • Training Course (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Level)
  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Japan Association of Healing which includes Animal Reiki Healing (1st & 2nd degree)




  • I will let humans know that everyone can communicate with their animals and their animals can be healed through animal communication.
  • I will let humans know that everyone can heal their animals with Reiki after Reiki Attunement.
  • I will interpret what your animals are saying, thinking, considering, and wanting.  I want to enhance the relationships between humans and animals for a better and happier life.
  • I will use my skills to help healing your animals and their owners with Animal Communication and Reiki.
  • I will keep learning new skills and brushing up my skills for Animals and their humans.




Animal Communication ($120 per session) *Ask about Kamaaina rates



Reiki Attunement (for people who want to heal their animals by their hands everyday)


Ⅰ degree - $150 / Ⅱ degree - $200 / Ⅲ degree - $250; when the 3 levels are ordered together, the total fee is $550




Reiki treatment for animals ($250 for 10 session) or ($30 per session)


 *This service, basically, will be for supporting the owners who had Reiki Attunement and who have anxiety to their Reiki skill.



Lost animal searches: one search ($120)


Please feel free to contact me to learn more or have any questions answered.


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